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Left alone I hit myself with a stone…

I have liked the White Stripes for sometime. I think Jack White has a guitar tone that will inspire young boys(and girls) for years to come. Sort of a modern day Stevie Ray Vaughn in that respect. Add the primal drumming of Meg White and you really got somethin’.

When Icky Thump came out I listened a bit and the disk migrated away. I found it again the other day and have been listening to it quite a bit. Especially the middle part of the album and these four songs:

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air)
Little Cream Soda
Rag And Bone

Especially the St Andrew song which is bizarre and tape loopy and just a pleasure to listen to.

I highly recommend this album and it will be some time before I let it slip from rotation again. Here is the official video of the lead track – it’s a scorcher…


Random CD Grab

This morning’s grab into the Cd wallet produced the classic Funkadelic – Maggot Brain in all of it’s spaced out psychedelic glory. I put it in about halfway to work and the first track covered the rest of the drive. I am looking forward to “Can You Get to That” and “Super Stupid” through the course of the day.

…the way she pointed that shotgun at me…

I have been listening to the older DBT album Pizza Deliverancea lot while I wash the dishes after dinner. Some times I play the first two songs twice each in a row. They meld together so well and have a good feeling about them. The thing is, perhaps neither of them should have a good feeling. Especially Nine Bullets – it is about a shooting rampage after all. But damn if it isn’t awfully singable.

Bulldozers and Dirt is to me the best song I can think of to explain the ideas of “The Duality of the Southern’ Thing” & of being “No Depression”. The opening stanza presents the narrator having the cops called on him for stealing a TV, the same person who calls the cops is the one who signs her trailer to the bail bondsman.

Here is a fan video retelling:

The idea of “No Depression” is one that floats around a bunch on a email list I read somewhat regularly – A postcard from hell(don’t sign up unless you can handle copious amounts of email). I think it ties in closely to the idea of Southern Gothic. These tragic flawed characters who you just can’t help but like. People doing things because that’s how they used to be done. Pure stubbornness. Behind the trailer my dessert….

Random CD Grab Thursday

Overall a pleasing choice. The first few songs of this album are very promising. Leading one to believe that Jay had returned to form.

Don’t tell ’em Ybor City almost killed us again…