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Four months in

YTD – 870.62
MTD – 131.46
Friday – 16.66

I “celebrated” four months of riding with a cold, hard ride to Corydon Pike via Budd/Highwater lane. I reviewed Tim’s map of this ride and decided I liked how he dealt with the wacky intersection of Hwy 111 and Indiana 62. He went around it. Me too, and I liked the result. One of the surprising things that eluded me in four months of riding was a dog chase. Granted, that was fine by me but considering the amount of Indiana back roads I ride it’s surprising. I panted to the top of the first rise on Budd Road and there it was – some sort of Husky looking dog who came haul-assin’ out into the street to give chase. I dropped gears, stood up, and stomped it. I am pleased to report that I quickly lost his interest. I actually saw another one about a mile later that looked the same. It wisely yielded to its still marked electric fence.

This ride can be a tough one for an hour and I was definitely feeling the impact of the cold and the wind. From Highwater Road to the Edwardsville climb is a slow steady climb and my speed fell into the range of 11-12 mph. It is a little daunting that the climb begins around 7 miles in and I thinking – I’m already a little tired and it’s all in front of me.

I made it up and around just fine. As I descended I even went into the drop portion of the handlebars to see if I could get some of the wind out of my eyes. I find it hard to keep my eyes from watering and I even wear glasses. I had gotten pretty hot by the time I reached the top of the hill, but the ridge line ride cooled me back down and I never recovered any warmth. By the time I made it back I was quite ready to hit the hot shower.

So here’s to my longest exercise regiment ever. Hopefully for many miles to come.



A Little Chilly….

YTD – 689.79

MTD – 208.01

Today – 16.38

There was definately a chill in the air today not seen yet this year. NWS says we topped out at 48 today…I believe it. Although I have been meaning to for some time I have not rotated cool weather clothes into my workout bag. I walked out to get a bead on the weather before I left and thought – oh boy. There were only two choices – stay or go unprepared. I chose to revel in another of the Rivendell Tips for Happy Riding that states “Go for a one-hour ride underdressed sometime, because it’s good to be really cold on a bike every now and then”. Mission Accomplished. As I left the office my friend TD offered me his jacket, I declined and so he said I’d be back. I left with two polypro shirts and basketball shorts on. It didn’t feel too bad when I walked out, but as soon as I took off the wind and the cold came on strong.

I went out toward Edwardsville as I often do. The route gives me many options and when I take it to the top it offers some great post-climb relief. The first hill up went fine and I went through Silver Hills and down a freezing Camp Rd. headed to Indiana 62. The wind was absolutely punishing on the steady pre-climb. I was really feeling it on my bare forearms and tumbling into my ears. The hill climb itself was a minor relief from the wind. I was able to make it further up than ever in the saddle before standing up. It was a good climb, and a nice ride across the ridge back toward town. The descent was very cold and uncomfortable, I rode back into town and took the most direct line back to work, no extra through town riding. I was ready to hit the hot shower. This was also the first real test on my lungs for sucking in all that cold air. It takes some adjustment for sure.

I got a call from Tim after I got home and scored a tire for the Bridgestone to replace the marred rear tire. He showed up with a surprise pair of size L Cannondale pants that were a race win prize. I said “oh, hey, great”. “Actually I rode today in 2 shirts and shorts”. The reply – “dude, get real”. Anyway – Thanks Tim. It is nice to have a benefactor.

I clipped my mileage target today with three legit riding opportunities left for the week. maybe I’ll get 250 which would be pretty sweet.

Tomorrow I think I will stretch out for a long, flat one.