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Pantone Orange 021 C

Pantone Orange 021 C, originally uploaded by erokComā„¢.


I have moved my blogging space

Hi Everyone,

I have switched from to and I am now blogging at Please updates your links accordingly. This page will remain but I have transferred all of this information over. I am still working on the look of the new page and getting everything configured. It will help me have a more versatile page and will be better.

Thanks to all who look here and read these posts. It sure makes me feel good.

Best regards,


New Albany Handmade Book

New Albany Handmade Book, originally uploaded by cdale.

I listed a new book for sale on Etsy. I didn’t have any luck before but I am hoping this one catches someones eye. The listing can be found at

The picture is one that I took in my work town of New Albany. This statue is outside of the public library. It is clearly the best piece of public art in town. I think the book turned out really good and we’ll see if draws any interest.

Swing State Polling – N’albany Style

DSCN1263_edited.JPG, originally uploaded by cdale.

Falls of the Ohio

Falls of the Ohio, originally uploaded by cdale.

YTD – 673.41
MTD – 191.63
Today – 15.72

Pappy O’Daniel – Updated

Now with sound!

Hatch Show Print – Nashville, TN

IMG_2774_edited.jpg, originally uploaded by cdale.

We’ve taken a little break and headed to Nashville for a little R & R. Although the idea of relaxing is actually pretty funny when you factor travel with 11 month old twins and a 5 year old! Not to much deviation from schedule is allowed. This is a picture of the world famous Hatch Show Print on Broadway in Nashville. I had it pegged as a must see. It did not disappoint and offered just what I would want – little polish and racks of type and woodcuts. It is actually owned by the Country Music Hall of Fame. But compared to that slick outfit a few miles away they are clearly taking a hand’s off approach. I picked up a few postcards and a coffee mug for souvenirs.

Did you know we have a working letterpress shop in Louisville? The Quonset Hut is located just out of downtown in Irish Hill.

Later tonight we are headed off to a Botanical Garden called Cheekwood on the West side of town. It was our intention to hit it this morning but I appear to have jotted the wrong directions for it. Dinner looks like a drive to the country to visit the Loveless Cafe for some fine eatin’.

Here are more pictures for the trip, including a stop at the very cheesy but nonetheless fun Rainforest Cafe in the Huge Opryland Mall.