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New Albany Handmade Book

New Albany Handmade Book, originally uploaded by cdale.

I listed a new book for sale on Etsy. I didn’t have any luck before but I am hoping this one catches someones eye. The listing can be found at

The picture is one that I took in my work town of New Albany. This statue is outside of the public library. It is clearly the best piece of public art in town. I think the book turned out really good and we’ll see if draws any interest.


Election Day Blogging

As I drove to work on Tuesday morning I was listening to Morning Edition as usual. Louisville has a pretty funny, snarky news person on in the morning. His name is Todd Mundt. The national person Renee Montagne says “We will be reporting all day here at NPR and featuring constant blogging”. Todd chimes in “Yeah….constant blogging…just what everybody wants…” in this flat disaffected tone. I don’t know why but it really cracked me up. I even sent him an email telling him so. He sent me a nice note back saying he just couldn’t help it.

It turns out he has a pretty good internet profile including a twitter stream that is updated pretty often. It sure is easier to find people when they have a slightly unusual name.

Check him out in the morning.

Gear envy

I am often beset with gear envy. I really do like to buy things and generally enjoy having nice stuff. I stumbled into Gatlinburg Spoke Junkie’s blog and found a most amazing cycling jersey.

The actual post is here. I have been looking at wool jerseys lately and I must say that this one is most fine. It comes from a Portland Cyclewear. I only wish I could come up with something as cool to have stitched on the front. I told my friend we needed to come up with something right away.


I have been spending quite a lot of time lately looking at the Rivendell Bicycle Works page over the last few days. They have posted a great list of “Tips for Happy Riding”. It includes one of the funniest pieces of advice I have ever read. It is a very succinct observation of the relationship between men and women. Here it is:

If you pass another rider going up a hill, say more than “Hi,” but if it’s a woman and you aren’t, don’t assume she wants to chit-chat. Treat her as you’d have a generic guy-rider treat your wife/daughter/girlfriend.

If you’re a woman and it’s a guy, you can chit-chat all you like, they won’t mind.

Ha! that is classic. Be sure to read the whole list, it is very entertaining and espouses an overall philosophy to life via bike riding that is very appealing to me.

I have also been learning quite a lot about what they call a BOB. Since my friend loaned me a Bridgestone RB-1 I have been researching it on the internet. I have learned that it is a nearly mythical creature of bicycle lore. The BOB philosophy is at the core of the Rivendell thinking which is not surprising since they are born of the same gentleman Grant Peterson. Mr. Peterson has established a beautiful wonderful set of believers and followers. Most of them would be well at home with my previous statements on snobbery. This is the finest type of snobbery as it is based on the love of things that are pure and effective, not just trendy and popular.

Looking forward to getting back on the road tomorrow at lunch. Meanwhile, looking lovingly at Brooks saddles on eBay….

It’s all in O Brother Andy

Pappy O’Daniel: Languishing! Goddamn campaign is languishing! We need a shot inna arm! Hear me, boys? Inna goddamn ARM! Election held tomorra, that sonofabitch Stokes would win it in a walk!

Junior: Well he’s the reform candidate, Daddy.[Pappy narrows his eyes at him, wondering what he’s getting at.]

Pappy O’Daniel: …Yeah?

Junior: Well people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some.[Pappy whips off his hat and slaps at Junior with it.]

Pappy O’Daniel: I’ll reform you, you soft-headed sonofabitch! How we gonna run reform when we’re the damn incumbent!

I tried to find this on YouTube to no avail.

My first Letter to the Editor

This morning on the plane as I perused the paper this article moved me to respond. I wrote out the basis of this letter and then typed it at the office. I have never written a Letter to the Editor and it was a lot of fun to do so. Don’t tread on me Liquor Barn!

Liquor Barn has fired a mean-spirited retaliatory attack against some members of the Kentucky Wine Industry. Mr. Leasor is working to protect his chunk the “Big Box” retail stranglehold on wine sales in Kentucky at the expense of the everyday consumer. Why should we not be allowed to purchase a legal product at convenient locations such as the grocery store? Because it increases access to alcohol by children? Give me a break. Grocery stores already sell and control alcoholic beverages. This is a non-issue designed to pander to people who oppose any sale of alcohol.

I do give Mr. Leasor credit for identifying his real problem with this – his bottom line. Surely companies such as Liquor Barn should be able to rely on their impressive selection, pricing, and knowledgeable sales staff to entice customers. They should not be able to rely on outdated “Blue Laws” designed to constrain the trade of legal goods at our expense. When given the time and opportunity I much prefer to shop at my local wine merchant. But sometimes in the hectic rushing home from work I may want to stop at the grocery store and pick up dinner and a bottle of wine. I’m sure many people would agree.

Don’t forget that Kentucky’s burgeoning wine industry has partially risen for the ashes of Big Tobacco. Many farmers have moved to grape cultivation to replace the income from tobacco farming. This is a positive move for Kentucky and something we should support. These strong arm tactics and petty attacks do little to help this cause.

It will be interesting to see if it gets published, its a little longer than they want. What do you think about it?

Quote of the day

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin in response to losing his three best RB’s and needing to tap his 4th string running back for crucial game ending heroics:

“It is only devastating if you allow it to be,” Tomlin said.

Pure badass…