So…its gotten pretty cold here.

YTD – 853.96
MTD – 114.81
Tuesday – 16.06
Thursday – 18.08

Well winter is here for sure in the ‘ville. Against skeptical looks from co-workers I have headed out both days that were available to me this week. I have been reaching into the archives of my wardrobe to fill out the needed elements of cold fighting (or at least cold reducing) clothing. I have generally been successful – nice wool socks here, silk long underwear there. I filled in the bare spots with gloves and an ear covering under helmet hat. All in all I was comfortable both days. I think I should have heeded the advice of Chris at Clarksville and went for the full balaclava hat. I doubt I’ll make it through the winter without one. All I can think of when I see those hats is “urban ter’rist”. I can only imagine rolling through the back hills of Southern Indiana in that hat – they are likely to call John Ashcroft on me. My get-up overall is kinda dorky looking due to its cobbled together approach but when faced with looking dorky or not going out its a pretty easy choice.

I set out tentatively on Tuesday knowing I would be testing my layering strategy. It worked pretty well at about 40 degrees. I opted for a flat route that did not include any screeching downhill runs that water my eyes so I can’t see too well. I headed out to the Howard Steamboat museum in Jeffersonville. It is a good flat 16 miles that can be lengthened if needed. I stuck with 16 miles and turned in a time a little over 16 MPH which is a good speed for me.

On Wednesday night my friend Tim blogged about On Your Left Cycles – a little shop in the Phoenix/Irish Hill area of town. It looked pretty interesting so I mapped it out real quick and it looked like a good lunch time ride. A little long and involving the 2nd street bridge but that’s OK. It was a good opportunity to test my mettle and get more comfortable with riding in the street. I was actually pretty warm by the time I made it to the bridge and over. I had a pretty good ride up Market Street which contains some of the limited precious bike lane. Of course the opportunity for meeting open car doors is pretty high so it requires ample diligence. I made it to the shop, looked around a bit, and inquired if they might have any more rides scheduled for this year. They said probably so. Another guy who appeared to work there walked in and gave me immediate props on “My” Bridgestone. That was fun – thanks Tim!

I decided to head back to the bridge a different way and rolled up Broadway and down 2nd street. Both of these roads have suspect traffic patterns and it was a lot of stop and go. I had a nice ride back especially past the bridge. I rode the sidewalks of the bridge again and the interfacing of the sidewalk back to the road pretty much sucks both ways. By the time I got back my right foot was quite cold and it felt good to get in that hot shower. That and two cups of hot tea left me feeling good.

Today may well be the ‘ol Edwardsville climb probably from the Budd road approach.


One response to “So…its gotten pretty cold here.

  1. Sounds like a nice lunch ride.

    It can be challenging keeping warm, without overdoing it. I have a balaclava, but I almost never wear it — it’s simply too warm for me in all but the coldest weather. I wonder if I’ll use it more here in NE Pennsylvania …

    Kudos for riding despite the cooler temperatures. A lot of people hang up the bike, saying the “season” is over. Yes, one season ends, but another begins!

    That said, I ride a lot less in the winter.

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