A slow start to November

YTD – 819.82
MTD – 80.66
Monday – 16.50
Friday – 14.66

I went into last week knowing I would have limited chances to ride. I was scheduled to head off to Chicago for a 3 day jaunt to call on my favorite customer, hit a trade show, and have a vendor take me/us out to dinner for a change. I haven’t driven to Chicago since well before the twins were born but I’m pleased to report that I still recall the way. My iPass still works too which is good.

Monday morning I hit Clarksville Schwinn to pick up some cold weather supplies. I settled on some clearance gloves and a superbly expensive hat. I am really trying to scrimp and only get what I think I need. A few cold rides have left my hands quite cold and I can not stand to have air rushing into my ears. I have also loaded my bag for this week with wool socks and perhaps more importantly some silk long underwear. Sounds a little funny but it should really help. I remember wearing it when I attended U of L and had to walk around a lot. It is my understanding that polypropylene is intended to be synthetic silk. I look forward to the results.The forecast indicates I will get a chance this week.

I had a lot on my plate trying to get ready to be out of the office for 3 days so I didn’t think too hard about a route and decided to take my standard route to Edwardsville. It offers two good climbs and a good distance for lunch riding. I had a good ride out and for the first time made it all the way to the top entirely in the saddle. No jumping up when it really started to burn. I got close a week or two ago so I thought I would see if I could do it. Really the only victim was my unpadded arse. Out of saddle climbing does give you a bit of a break on the backside. I am not convinced this is really the best way to climb but it felt like an accomplishment to make it. The new cold weather gear was an improvement. My feet were still quite cold which reminded me it was time to fix the sock situation.

Friday found me antsy to get out and ride but was complicated by a visit to a prospective elementary school. It really cut into my time for the day but the weather had taken a nice turn into the high 60’s and I really couldn’t help myself. I thought I would go for short and tough. I had tried an “up and down” route before but thought I could make it better. The four hills are Valley View/Capt Frank, Old Vincennes, Cherry Street Hill, and Camp Road. The last two are short but very steep. Map My Ride indicates 6-8% grades. The RB-1 has no “granny gear” it only has tough guy options for climbing. Here is the route:
14 Miles 4 Hill ZigZag Through Silver Hills
Find more Bike Rides in New Albany, Indiana
I tacked on some extra distance out Corydon Pike mostly to give myself some extra recovery for the Cherry Street Hill climb, it is a real beast. When I headed back towards the Camp Rd hill it was quite a daunting look. I should have taken a picture, I will try to the next time. I have gone down that hill many times but never back up.

In the end this made for a great technical workout. I wanted to hit it kind of hard and I felt good afterward. I took the bike home for the weekend but alas, did not make it out. I am going to hit this week as hard as I can. After a great October this month is looking like it will be a struggle to hit 200 for the month. We’ll see.


One response to “A slow start to November

  1. You’re a trooper. I just got a new 1up bicycle trainer so I’ll be riding inside for the winter.

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