End of the Month

YTD – 739.16
October – 257.38
Thursday – 14.86
Friday – 15.72

Coming into the last two days of the month I had already surpassed my mileage goal of 200 for the month and I was looking to break 250 instead. I had two good days to do it in as the temperature had climbed back in to the lower 70’s.

On Thursday I went for a new route to fill in some more of the area in the northwest Knob areas outside of New Albany. In an interesting turn I went up a big hill climb I had previously only come down. I went through my normal small climb of Capt Frank/Valley View and went right to head out Old Vincennes Road. It doesn’t make the list of 100 steep climbs but it is no joke. It also offers a few choice vistas of downtown Louisville of which I did not take a picture. I made it to the top with out stopping so I was pleased with that. I have found that it is easier for me to clear these hills if I am familiar with them, something about knowing when it will be over helps. I headed over to Old Hill Road which was not as it sounded. It was not a steep climb, instead it was a short stretch of up and down on just average asphalt. This led me down Paoli Pike for a short bit and then back into the country. I had a dump truck coming up behind me and pulled into a driveway like a wimp! Oh well… I ended up in the Spickert Knob area hoping to revisit some of the glorious riding from a few weeks ago when I “lost” in this area. It did not disappoint. The only drawback to heading this way is that unless you loop back the way you came the only real option for return is Green Valley Road. As I did last time I rode the main stretch back (including a bridge over the interstate) on the sidewalk. The road is peppered with large wheel killing rocks, dips, and expansion joints. It was close quarters a little but I made it back fine.

By this time I was feeling very excited about the evenings festivities. I was headed to The Rock and Roll Means Well Tour featuring the Drive-by Truckers and The Hold Steady. I had one friend committed to go and one on the fence. More about the show to come.

Friday was a pretty pedestrian ride to the Falls of the Ohio that I do quite often. The big news for me was surpassing 250 miles for the month. I set my goal per month at 200 since I mostly ride at lunch alone. So to get that many miles logged for the month was very satisfying. Of course I benefited from a beautiful month of very mild weather. Up until the end most days were an absolute pleasure to ride in.


One response to “End of the Month

  1. solid effort. I ended up with “only” 306, and that was with a 57-miler thrown in there. to be fair, I lost a solid week and change with the crunk, but c’est la vie.

    good luck going for a 300m month. you’re going to have to experience some freedom in there.

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