RB-1 Road Test

DSCN1259_edited.JPG, originally uploaded by cdale.

YTD – 572.24
MTD – 90.46
Today – 16.06

My good friend Tim made me quite an offer to let me borrow his Classic Bridgestone RB-1. This is every bit the road bike I have been wanting to try.

The Verdict

Good – immediate, palpable increase in speed. An increase of 4.5-5 MPH in the flats (+25%)

Bad – sore bum, sore neck, sore hips.

Granted some of this will be addressed with tweaking some aspects of the setup. Also, my normal bike is very much an upright bike. I am not used to the angles required to grab the handlebars at all on this bike. The funny thing is I had felt that the seat on my normal bike was a little skimpy…now I know its not! I did not really improve my time overall because I was dealing with some of the awkwardness of a road bike setup (where are those brake levers again!). The differences in feel regarding wobbliness are very pronounced when you are normally riding fat 26 x 1.5 tires. Everything on the RB-1 feels like it happens faster, like there is a decided lack of forgiveness. I am going to head to the hills today and give that a shot. I have a “choose your own destiny” ride plotted in my head. That way if hill #1 proves untenable I can bail to a flat finish. If it goes good I can proceed to a real test.


4 responses to “RB-1 Road Test

  1. Awesome bike. I haven’t ridden one, but I remember feeling similar things when I first got a road bike. To a large degree, you’ll get used to it. Don’t forget though that you can always adjust the saddle position/angle, or try a different saddle. I’d think you could raise the handlebars, too, if you wanted.

  2. as Apertome says, you need to raise the stem even more. I don’t know if it has a minimum/maximum mark, but you need to find it if it does. that bar position looks like something a 20yrold B’town fixie kid would have. just loosen the top bolt on the stem and wiggle the stem up. If you want (hint, hint), thrown some white grease on that bad dude too.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Gentlemen. I am going to do some more adjusting and ride the other bike on Thursday when I return to town. 20 yr old fixie kid – ahh..dare to dream.

    I will have our talented maintance man at work hit me up with some grease for the bar stem when I move it up some more.

    I just posted about day two’s travails.

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